Solergy has a core focus on quality heat pump systems that are attuned to the South African climate. Our main priority is to ensure our customers always receive accurate information and are offered the best technology for their specific application. 

We have a deep understanding of what heat pump technologies exist, and which are best suited for each specific application. This ensures our customers make the right investment when reducing their energy bill.


A solution you can trust

We work closely with the engineers and development teams who develop our heat pumps. This ensures that we know the systems are of very high quality and that the relevant changes are made in order to maintain a superior product in the market. Having been in the industry before heat pump technology became known to the broader customer, we know whom to work with and who to avoid.. As there are many charlatans now in the market just trying to make a ‘quick buck’. We strongly believe that in the long run it’s your reputation and quality of service that will sustain our business.



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